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(They/Them) LGBTQIA+ Writer of MM Romance, Satire, and Paranormal Sci-Fi. Space nerd who hates feet. On a journey of gender discovery. Come play!

A creative trans awakening reflection

Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

They never did look happy, even when they were laughing. It was always on the surface. Their smile seemed real to the outsiders, and all they had were the outsiders. They were an outsider in their own life, their own body. They just didn’t understand why yet. So often I reached out, but they didn’t see me, didn’t hear me, didn’t feel me. I often wonder if perhaps they did and they chose to close their eyes, put their fingers in their ears, and scrub away at my very touch. Did they know I was there? I was never far.

Learning about life through my characters

Image created by Jayiisnthome for the NUSA Series by PJ Silva (owned by author)

TW: Talk of characters as personas that may be triggering to some with DID.

I feel my shoulders tense and lift, my head tilt forward oh so slightly, and my chest tightens, all the while a smile lifts the corners of my lips. Anxiety is kicking in and then, I speak. And I repeat myself on a loop.

“Jasper, stop,” says Kristy Westaway, my fellow writer, honourary therapist, and all-around amazing person. She knows. She knows my characters almost as well as I do — hell, sometimes she seems to know them even better! …

Podcaster, writer, and queer, oh my

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  • That’s a Fine Queer Trans Enby!
  • I make Words Good
  • The Character Collective Podcast
  • Publication Paradise
  • Links to my Existence

Who is this Weirdo?

Hi! I’m Kai. I write books. That’s… pretty much it. Haha. Well, there is also the whole who am I, what gender am I, what is life, thing, but you know, that’s all just a part of the journey to self-acceptance and ultimate happiness. Wow, that went deep, quickly. That kind of happens around here. I like to flap around on the surface, make some jokes, have some fun, and then duck dive to the depths…

An unexpected but necessary deeper dive

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

It’s truly sad how much hate there is in this world when it feels so much better to love. How much judgment there is when growth and education are so easily within reach. How much righteousness there is when acceptance takes so much less effort.

I wrote an article recently; If it’s Not Your Community, Kindly Hush. I found it interesting that I received a comment noting what was ‘wrong’ about my article without any offering of education as to why it was wrong (by the commenter’s standards). So here we are, delving a little deeper. Let’s play with the…

Selection — Screw it, let’s play

Adapted by author from an image purchased in Deposit Photos

CLICK HERE to read the story so far…

Chapter Two

You place your mug in the sink. You go into your office and crouch down to reach the lowest right drawer in your filing cabinet. You take your keys from your pocket and unlock the cabinet. You slide out the drawer and remove the black plastic wrapped kit.

You place the kit on your desk and roll it out.

You shake out the plastic onesie and step into it securing the press buttons up the front and pulling the strings of the hood taut. You grab two thin latex gloves from a cardboard box and slip them on.

Hmm… you…

A paranormal fantasy

Adapted by author from image purchased through Deposit Photos.

What is this place?

I gasp for air. I do not mean to, I just do. I do not mean to smash my head on the concrete floor, I just do.

Pain. Stabbing, pulling, tearing, cutting. Everywhere. I reach for death and it steps away.

A hazy confusion picks at my mind, stabbing with painful tendrils of distortion, stealing my thoughts and memories.

A small animal. No, that’s wrong. Unknown heat rises in me; anger. I do not understand why I am angry, but the soothing anger makes the pain subside so I let it come. My body shakes with…

Any resemblance to real people is coincidental, mostly

Photo by Cristina Glebova on Unsplash

Betty was not your typical raven. That is to say, she was totally your typical raven in size, color, and you know, all that typical raveny type stuff. She was pretty average when it came to the typical raveny type things like flying, scavenging, and whatever the fuck else ravens get up to on a typical day. That is to say, she wasn’t really typical because she was a little slow on the moves and turns in flight and often found herself out of sync and on her own. …

A journey through the history of books

Photo by Constantinos Kollias on Unsplash

A Story as told by Thalamus

I recall it as a morn such as any that pre-dated it; the sun shone through the pillars on the hill draping long beams of light across the domūs. The sky was clear, the breeze was crisp. I sat beneath the umbrella pine pondering my existence with consideration of the future. I wondered how my children shall live, how my children’s children shall learn, how those born of future generations shall exist.

I considered the plethora of wonderful inventions and wondrous advancements I had witnessed already in my proceeding sixteen years. …

A writer’s world

Image by Darkmoon_Art from Pixabay

I prefer the cold caress of a still, dark night to the prickling bite of a midday sun. The hazy glow of my laptop screen was enough to see the keys on which I no longer tapped. Words eluded my weary mind and I allowed myself to fall into the procrastinating world I called research. Research? A volcano spewed forth with burning lava and accusations as my screensaver laughed at my self-delusion.

A distant tree rustled with a rolling breeze. It was coming.

I listened to the whistle as a ghostly wind wrapped in expectation, searched for me. It dragged…


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