Learning about life through my characters

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Okay, let’s start with rolling a D20… 9. Oh no!

Meet Bex


A paranormal fantasy

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I awoke.

I was vaguely aware of an uncomfortable weight pressing into my hip. I shifted slightly and the weight lifted. Rolling onto my back, his hand came back down to rest on my upper leg. He was lying right there on the bed, right there beside me. Though his…


Week 1 on T

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I’ve turned the page and begun a new book. The first book was subtitled Pre-T and it had one hell of a cliffhanger. …


Why are they making being trans their whole identity?

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Disclaimer: I completely stole the idea for this article and even the title from my friend and fellow author, Kristy Westaway, with her permission and because it was too good to not.

The strangest thing happened at the start of this year: seemingly out of nowhere (but boy, do we…


Podcaster, writer, and queer, oh my

Created by Hunbloom for the author


  • Who is this Weirdo?
  • That’s a Fine Queerly Trans Enby!
  • I make Words Good
  • Treading Water Podcast
  • The Character Collective Podcast
  • Publication Paradise

LAST UPDATED: 17/11/21

Who is this Weirdo?

Hi! I’m Kai (MA, GradDip[Astronomy], BSc[Hons]Geology)… I write books. That’s… pretty much it. Haha. Well, there is also the whole who am I, what…


Hint — because it’s stuck in the patriarchy of past

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Why does my bank need to know my gender?

What does it matter for my accounts how I identify?

Why do my cards need to have binary titles on them?

When I changed my legal name, I went into the bank to change my name on my accounts and order…


The raw writing of Rainbow Circus

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BrainDump Time

Welcome to a rainbow circus Knot That Hot brain-dump… something. I’m audio recording this so what you are reading now is the transcription. So I don’t know where this is exactly I’m going to go. …


Day 20 Preptober writing prompt challenge

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Day 20: Do you feel ready for NaNoWriMo? What can you do in the next 10 days to get ready?

Question from the Preptober 31 Day Challenge from the Character Collective.

Do I feel ready for NaNoWriMo



Definitely no.

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Hell no.

Well, that covers the first part. I think…


My journey on T

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I had a MEH day

Today was pretty much a meh day, as far as days go. Nothing really to write home about, nothing that really stands out, just a day that came and now is slowly going. They happen.

But it’s nice to know that now, when I have a meh day, I don’t…


Day 19 Preptober writing prompt challenge

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Day 19: What 3 words would your main character use to describe themselves?

Question from the Preptober 31 Day Challenge from the Character Collective.


Me: Jack, what three words would you use to describe yourself? Mario, hush. Mark, hush. Everyone who is not Jack, hush. Jack, the floor is yours.


(They/Them) LGBTQ2SIA+ Writer of M/M Rom and para Sci-Fi/fantasy. On a journey of gender discovery. Come play! MA(writing), GrapDip(Astro.), BSc(Hons)Geol.

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